Self Assessment Tax Success

4 week course

Starting 5 May 2021

  • Do you find the world of self assessment scary and bewildering?

  • Are you new to business and don’t have a clue where to start?

  • Or maybe you have been around a while but really have no idea whether you are doing it correctly and want some advice to remove the stress from the self assessment? 

This course is the perfect solution to all of your tax return woes!

Starting on Wednesday 5 May 2021 and running for four weeks, this will be a unique learning experience to make sure you can do more than just suss out self-assessment.

If you are a sole trader and have income to declare which hasn’t been taxed at source then this course is the one for you!

About the course

The course will cover the following:

  • Record keeping

  • Software vs spreadsheet recording 

  • Tax Allowances

  • Cash vs accrual basis - what it means and which is right for you

  • Payment due dates

  • Completing and filing your tax return

  • Reporting other income on your return, including employed jobs, savings income and property

  • Allowable expenses

  • National insurance for the self employed

Whether you are still employed and running your business as a side hustle - or you are full time self-employed - this is the course you need to make sure you can master your tax return.

You will get:

  • Live training and Q&A

    4 live training sessions on Zoom, starting Wednesday 5th May, with time allowed for a live Q&A at the end of each session

  • Group support

    Access to an exclusive Facebook community to share learnings and ask questions. 


    You'll also get access to the group for a further 4 weeks after the course is completed to make sure you get any questions answered whilst you get on top of your tax

  • Secure access to course materials

    You will also have secure access to a membership area where all the course videos and materials will be available. You will have LIFETIME access to the course materials.

If you join this course, you will be able to sit back, as one of the smug people, knowing your tax return is in and sorted early in the year. No more panicking at the last minute at the end of January! 


You will also know exactly what you owe in tax and be confident you have completed it correctly! Giving you ages to make sure you pay it in time!


All of this for the amazing price of £247! 


But better than that, the first 5 people to sign up will get it for the discounted introductory price of £197! 



All of this value and a ton of learning and support for an amazing price. I am even going to teach you the tips and tricks I use for my clients, last year my method saved a client over £4000 in tax! 


Imagine savings like that and what it would mean for you and your business.


You will save the full amount of the course in accountancy fees in the first year you do this, if not more, let alone the subsequent years!

About the course creator

Hi, I’m Leanne, and I have a confession to make. I’m an accountant. We do not have a great reputation. If you say accountant people automatically think of someone with no personality who gets excited over a new tax notification.

I should just get it out there - I'm not that person. I like to have fun and I am usually to be found dancing and singing (badly) around, much to the objection of my family. Fear not, I promise I will avoid singing or dancing during a meeting (unless it is called for, of course!). But I can offer you the wealth of my 10+years of accountancy knowledge and experience, numerous qualifications and, most importantly, I am a licensed practice owner.


Whether you’re struggling with your start-up or looking for assistance with your day-to-day accounting, I will never talk down to you in boring language you need a degree to understand. I will work with you in a proactive way to achieve your business goals and allow your dreams to become reality.

Ready to Excellerate and achieve self-assessment tax success?

Excellerate: Self-Assessment Tax Success

Course price: £247

Introductory price

Limited spots at this price


paid in full

(will increase to £247 when all spots sold)

Payment plan 

Paid over 4 months


per month

(plus further 3 monthly payments of £69)

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that isn't answered below, please send your question to support@excelaccountancynorwich.co.uk

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What if I can't attend the live training? 

Will this teach me how to complete my limited company accounts and tax return

What if I have multiple income streams, like an employed job or rental income?

Do I need any special software for this course?

How will I access the course?

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