Get Set: Excellerate Your Start-Up!

How to Start Your Business the RIGHT way AND Make Your Start-up a Success!

Are you starting a new business?

Or are you already in business, sick of working all hours for little return and ready to make your “side-hustle” your sole income?

When you started, you were just delighted whenever you made a sale - but before you knew it, you were doing so well you wondered if it could be possible to grow your “side hustle” into a “proper” business.  


You had visions of being able to give up the day job and go full-time. But it turns out, “making it” in the world of self employment isn’t easy.  You got too busy too quickly to find any time to work “on” your business and found yourself spending all your time working “in” your business.


You struggle to generate consistent sales, your revenue goes up and down each month. You know you’ve got a great product/service (you get great feedback from your customers), but you worry about whether you’ve set your business up right.


You don’t have confidence in your pricing strategy and wonder if you are charging enough. You seem to be working all hours but not making much money. You sometimes wonder if you are actually cut out for the world of entrepreneurship…  

Introducing 'Get Set: Excellerate Your Start-Up'

Imagine being confident that you’ve got everything in place to give you the best chance of success.


Imagine knowing what your goals are and what you need to do to achieve them, being confident in your pricing strategy, knowing exactly what your profit margins are and getting control of your cash flow. 


Joining the 'Get Set: Excellerate Your Start-Up' course will make all that possible.

'Get Set: Excellerate Your Start-Up' is a four week course designed to help you set up your new business the RIGHT way so you can avoid the mistakes so often made by new business owners.  


The course will help you to ensure you have the right building blocks in place to make your business a success and give you the confidence that you are setting it up RIGHT from the START!

During the course we will cover:

  • How and when to register your business

  • Ltd Co. or sole trader? Understanding the difference and which to choose

  • Record Keeping

  • Understanding tax - self assessment, due dates, corporation tax basics

  • VAT Registration - do I need to register for VAT?

  • Pricing your products so you make a profit

  • Cash flow - the biggest risk to new businesses fail is from this

You will also get:

Live Training

Four live training sessions on Zoom.


Time will be allowed for a live Q&A at the end of each session.

Course Materials

A membership area where all the course videos and materials will be available.


You will have LIFETIME access to the course materials.

Group Support

Access to an exclusive Facebook group to share learnings. Plus access for a further 4 weeks beyond the course for additional accountability.

About the course creator Leanne Gunns

Hi, I’m Leanne, and I have a confession to make. I’m an accountant. We do not have a great reputation. If you say accountant people automatically think of someone with no personality who gets excited over a new tax notification.

I should just get it out there - I'm not that person. I like to have fun and I am usually to be found dancing and singing (badly) around, much to the objection of my family. Fear not, I promise I will avoid singing or dancing during a meeting (unless it is called for, of course!). But I can offer you the wealth of my 10+years of accountancy knowledge and experience, numerous qualifications and, most importantly, I am a licensed practice owner.


Whether you’re struggling with your start-up or looking for assistance with your day-to-day accounting, I will never talk down to you in boring language you need a degree to understand. I will work with you in a proactive way to achieve your business goals and allow your dreams to become reality.

Here's what other people are saying about my courses...

What a revelation this is! Today I've increased our prices to reflect the service & quality of what we offer, our experience and reputation as well as the time and money we've invested in our family business.

This course is the best thing I have done when setting up my business. Absolute game changer when it comes to pricing a product/service. Feel really lucky to be part of this, and cannot believe how much fun it’s been too, thank you so much.

I've learnt more about business from these FB Lives than anything I actually learnt at uni. Thanks a lot for the practical steps which have all been very eye-opening

Really feel like I have a better handle on how to increase profit.

I've learnt more about business from these FB Lives than anything I actually learnt at uni. Thanks a lot for the practical steps which have all been very eye-opening

I would strongly recommend anyone who is running a business to at least try a few of the exercises because they are rather eye-opening! I would describe myself as 'intermediate' in terms of business, but I have learnt something new every single day!

'Get Set: Excellerate Your Start-Up' is perfect for You if...

  • You are in the early stages of starting a new business and want to make sure you get it RIGHT from the outset - or

  • You have already been in business a little while but want to step it up a gear and make your "side hustle" your sole income

  • You are unsure how to price your product or service

  • You are concerned about having enough cash flow in your business

  • Tax fills you with dread

  • You are unsure how to advertise or promote your product or service

But that's not all...

We've got all these amazing bonuses for you too!

We've got all these amazing bonuses for you too!




(Total Bonus value: £319)

  • Maximising your Margins: Masterclass

    We'll give you access to the video of the Maximising your Margins Masterclass.


    Bonus value: £27

  • Your Accountancy Bible

    Don’t fear your finances – keep them in check with your copy of The Accountancy Fear Buster eBook, absolutely free. 


    Bonus value: £27

  • Sales funnel training

    An introduction to sales funnels and why you should consider including a funnel and an email marketing campaign in your business model. 


    Bonus value: £225

  • Spreadsheet templates

    We'll share with you useful spreadsheet templates to help you with your accounting records and cashflow.


    Bonus value: £20

  • Get Set: Excellerate Planner

    You will get a free printed planner designed to complement the course to help you to implement your learning.


    Bonus value: £20

Total Bonus Value: £319


Are you Ready To Take Back Control and Make Sure Your Business is set up the RIGHT way?

All of this for the amazing price of £441! 

It is time to get confident that your business is set up RIGHT!

It is time to get confident in your pricing and STOP under-pricing yourself.  

It is time to start shouting about how awesome your business is and attracting your ideal customer every single day.


You don’t have to keep doing things the hard way.


Imagine waking up to new orders in your inbox every morning. How would that change your life? 

Get Set: Excellerate Your Start-Up

Course price: £441

(including additional bonuses to the value of  £319)

Pay Up Front

Get a discount of £44


paid up front

(save £44 on the full price)

Payment Plan 

£441 Paid over 3 months


per month

(plus further 2 monthly payments of £147)

Don't miss out!

Doors Close 31 May 2021 (midnight)


Are You Ready to Excellerate Your Start-Up?

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