Kick the fear out of finances
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Introducing The Accountancy Fear Buster

eBook by Leanne Gunns

You built your business for a reason – to stoke your passion and take control of your life. So why are you hiding from your accounts?


Having ‘the fear’ is more common than you might think: from getting started to keeping an eye on your income and outgoings. If you’re frightened to get started or take that next step, you need The Accountancy Fear Buster eBook by Leanne Gunns.


This concise help guide is ideal for anybody running their own business who wants to get more from it. It will also help you allay those fears…

Only £27.00

Let's allay those fears...

  • Your fear:
    I have no idea where to start - sole trader or limited?

    There are benefits to both, with many starting off as sole traders before expanding. Discover how to cut the paperwork and make the right decision from the get-go.

  • Your fear:
    I can't keep on top of my cashflow and endless spreadsheets

    All it takes is a little honesty. Find out how you can turn those cheeky coffee receipts into recorded expenses, or use software to your advantage.

  • Your fear:
    I can't get my head around accountancy software

    Times have changed since the early days. Accountancy software is now available to most businesses, whatever their size. Find out how to use apps and business bank accounts with contemptuous ease.

  • Your fear:
    The taxman may come after me! 

    Get ready to update your calendar. Whether it’s a self-assessment return or corporation tax, you’ll learn all the key dates for your diary and find out what you can claim.

  • Your fear:
    I've got no idea how to handle corporation tax or VAT

    Here's something you don’t hear too often – your chance to claim money back! Once you’ve got the basics, you’ll soon see that VAT is nothing to worry about. All it takes is visibility.

  • Your fear:
    I want to make more money but I'm not sure how to scale

    Scaling comes down to sustainability. You can only be sustainable if you have a clear idea of what it costs to produce goods, and where your break-even point is. Get your lowdown with these simple good habits.

All this for just £27

Accounting doesn’t need to be an afterthought – it doesn’t need to be boring, either. Done right, it can unlock the secrets to more profits. In the long term, you could even earn more and work less. Who doesn’t want that?

  • All your questions answered - no jargon

  • Options for businesses of all sizes, at every stage

  • A run-down of your tax options

  • Tips and tricks for reducing tax

  • Guidance for growing your business

  • Pricing for profit

Written for you by Leanne Gunns – a real human

We accountants often get a bad name – robots with no personality who leap at the idea of a tax notification. The Accountancy Fear Buster is here to change all that. Get all the info you need without a dictionary by your side, written by a qualified accountant with her own licensed practice.


My name is Leanne and I am an accountant. I don’t wear grey suits. In fact, I am more likely to be sporting a rather bright pair of dinosaur leggings. It’s my personal mission to change the face of accounting for the better, and deal with the spreadsheets while you have all the fun.


For just £27, you’ll get 10 years of accountancy experience, without having to sit a single exam. You focus on your business – I’ll handle the accounts.

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